November 14, 2012

posted Nov 14, 2012, 5:09 AM by Diana Schlater   [ updated Nov 14, 2012, 5:10 AM ]

1.   FCCLA’S frozen food fundraiser is in.  SEE Mrs. Jarzab AFTER SCHOOL TODAY in the CAFETERIA to PICK UP your ITEMS you sold if you did not do so yesterday.

 2.   It’s NOT too LATE to SIGN UP for the COUNTY WIDE DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT.  SIGN UP by TOMORROW in Mrs. Atkinson’s room or TOMORROW during LUNCH PERIODS.  It is $7.00 per person and you must have at least 2 girls on your team.

 3.      VOLLEYBALL GIRLS:  REMEMBER to GIVE your $14 to either Michala or Jordan TODAY.  If you DON’T see either or these two, then BRING it to AWARDS NIGHT TONIGHT and GIVE it to Jordan.

 4.   Don’t forget to TURN IN your COMPLETED STONE LAB APPLICATION and DEPOSIT to Mrs. Brehm by TOMORROW (11/15).

 5.   The MEDIA CENTER will be CLOSED TODAY during PERIOD 5 for CLASS USE.  The GDA LAB will be OPEN.

 6.   FCCLA is SPONSORING a FOOD DRIVE for the Concord Community Food Pantry.  Bring in NON-PERISHABLE ITEMS and place them in the BOX by the MAIN OFFICE or the BOX in the CAFETERIA.


 8.   The FALL SPORTS AWARDS NIGHT is TONIGHT (11/14) at 7:00 at the HS.  If you are NOT ABLE to ATTEND, you MUST be EXCUSED ahead of time by your COACH in order to receive your award.

 9.   BLOOD DRIVE INFORMATION is AVAILABLE.  PICK UP FORMS in Mrs. Randall’s room (B152).  DEADLINE for SIGN UPS is Friday, November 30.

 10. For OSU/MICHIGAN WEEK FCCLA will be COLLECTING money for the PREVENTION of BULLYING.THIS WEEK.  Mr. Barr and Mr. Hurst will be a part of the competition.  There are JARS with their NAMES on them in the CAFETERIA during LUNCH PERIODS for you to PLACE your LOOSE CHANGE to VOTE.  The principal with the LEAST amount of MONEY by FRIDAY (11/16) will WEAR the OPPOSING teams attire ONE DAY during GAME WEEK – Mr. Hurst will wear Michigan and MR. BARR will wear OHIO STATE.  SUPPORT your favorite team and Bullying Prevention by bringing loose change and voting. 

 11. SMD is taking up a COLLECTION for HURRICANE SANDY RELIEF.DURING LUNCH PERIODS THIS WEEK.  The money will help pay for hot meals, shelter and clean up in the areas destroyed by the super storm.  NO DONATION is TOO SMALL.

12.  All juniors will be taking a practice ACT college entrance exam on Thursday, November 29.  The exam will begin at 7:45 am and should conclude by approximately 11:15.  Students who do not attend GHS full days need to make arrangements ahead of time in order to be here the entire time of the practice exam.  Students are to bring pencils and their personal calculator for use on the math portion of the exam.  

Full-time Ohio Hi-Point (OHP) juniors are expected to be in attendance at GHS for the practice ACT.  Bus transportation to OHP will NOT be available following the test, so OHP juniors are to make other transportation arrangements ahead of time, as they are expected to attend afternoon classes once released from the exam. OHP students not attending afternoon classes following the exam will be considered unexcused from OHP unless excused by a parent/guardian.

Students will be assigned to the following testing locations based on first letter of the last name:

A-D     C138 (Miss Manson’s room)

E-H      A108 (Mr. Bowsher’s room)

I-O      B147 (Miss Prill’s room)

P-Z      Media Center