February 12, 2014

posted Feb 12, 2014, 5:14 AM by Diana Schlater   [ updated Feb 12, 2014, 5:14 AM ]

       1.       The following SCHOLARSHIPS are available in the GUIDANCE OFFICE:  The Grand Lodge of the Free & Accepted Masons Scholarship, The St. Paris Lion’s Club Scholarship, The Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship, The Graham High School General Scholarship, The Randy Eastman Scholarship, The Graham Elementary Scholarship & the Sigma Alpha Scholarship.

 2.       Anyone interested in participating in a 5K to raise money for SPECIAL OLYMPICS, please see MS. CROMWELL.  The EVENT will take place in MARCH.

 3.       ATTENTION GHS STUDENTS:  Show your SCHOOL SPIRIT by supporting your FALCONS during SPIRIT WEEK this week.  TOMORROW is BLACKOUT/FALCON FANATIC.  Flyers are posted.  See MS. MANSON or a CHEERLEADER for questions.

 4.       ATTENTION to those planning on PARTICIPATING in TRACK.  There will be a SIGN UP SHEET on the ATHLETIC OFFICE DOOR.  If you are INTERESTED in running TRACK, please SIGN UP during your LUNCH PERIOD.  If you have any questions, please contact COACH TULLIS or COACH PHILLABAUM.

 5.       To those STUDENTS who feel the need to ESCORT a girlfriend or boyfriend to CLASS, ESCORT AWAY….HOWEVER, be on TIME to CLASS or EXPECT to be WRITTEN UP by your teacher.  If I receive such WRITE-UPS, a DETENTION will be ISSUED.

 6.       ATTENTION STUDENTS:  There are currently 5 DAYS that need to be MADE UP due to weather related CALAMITY DAYS.  SCHOOL will now be IN SESSION the FOLLOWING DAYS:  Monday, February 17; Monday, March 31; Tuesday, April 1; Monday, June 2; and Tuesday, June 3.

 7.       The 2nd nine week HONOR and MERIT ROLLS are AVAILABLE in the GUIDANCE OFFICE.

 8.       Any STUDENT who took the PLAN test, the RESULTS are AVAILABLE in the GUIDANCE OFFICE.


 10.   If you haven’t heard, GRAHAM HIGH SCHOOL will be PRESENTING the rock and roll MUSICAL GREASE April 25th and 26th.  Last Monday over 30 students me to experience the music of this great show.  We will be doing the same THURSDAY from 5-7 p.m.  ANYONE INTERESTED in being a part of this PRODUCTION are WELCOME and ENCOURAGED to ATTEND.

 11.   The WINNERS of TUESDAY’S SPIRIT DAY are Cole Theodor, WiattHanlin and Corbin Curtis.