April 18, 2016

posted Apr 18, 2016, 7:21 AM by Diana Schlater   [ updated Apr 18, 2016, 7:21 AM ]


2.   REMINDER for TESTING for MATH TOMORROW (4/19) there is the OPTION for READING the TEST TO YOU.  If you want to use the text to speech option, you need to BRING your OWN EARBUDS or HEADPHONES to your testing session.  Earbuds or headphones will ONLY be ALLOWED for this OPTION, MUSIC or ANY OTHER SOUNDS will NOT be PERMITTED during the testing times.

3.   ATTENTION JUNIORS and SENIORS:  STUDENT SENATE will be HOLDING a POWDER PUFF FOOTBALL GAME AFTER SCHOOL in MAY.  ANY GIRL INTERESTED in PLAYING needs to SIGN UP with Dalton Hanlin or Blake Kalb and ANY BOY INTERESTED in CHEERLEADING for the EVENT needs to SIGN UP with Brandon Thompson or Makenna Parker by TOMORROW (4/19).  PARTICIPATION will be the COST of a T-SHIRT.  SEE Mrs. Lewis if you have QUESTIONS.     

4.   Grab life by the duct tape and help hold the end of the year together.  REMINDER you can BUY a STRIP of DUCT TAPE for Mr. Vlahos and Mr. Swain DURING 6A LUNCH or for Mrs. Young and Brent Moore DURING 6B LUNCH.  BUY your DUCT TAPE by the FOOT for $1.00 EACH FOOT then FRIDAY (4/22) it will be time for some fun as these Falcons will be put in a sticky situation and get taped to the wall.